AniBash 2018


Music By 303 Family's

 The D 

The D brings it hard, loud, and fast with supersonic beats, and blends them with a spectrum of varying styles and emotions.

He catches the ear of his audience with banging crowd favorites, before taking them on a sonic adventure through a diverse world of energy and experiences. Regularly playing Happy Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Breaks, Trap, and Hip Hop sounds at raves, conventions, house parties, and festivals all over New York, as well as traveling for shows in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Colorado.

The D aims to share the hardcore sound with the masses, but in an unapologetically-nonsense fashion, that skews the lines between genres and demographics while shaking the dance floor to its core. Affiliations: 303 Family, BadWolf Productions, Phantom Industries, Army of Bass




               Zaka Aurora Idols ft Otonoki STARS


Theresa, Precious, Rowan, Ollie, Juli, Nico, Bryanna, Kiziya and Megan


     RAVE Caf

Saturday August 4th 

11:00am - 2:00pm


 Rochester Rave Scene & AniBash


         AniBash's Rave Cafe`




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