AniBash 2019


Music By 303 Family's

 The D 

The D brings it hard, loud, and fast with supersonic beats, and blends them with a spectrum of varying styles and emotions.

He catches the ear of his audience with banging crowd favorites, before taking them on a sonic adventure through a diverse world of energy and experiences. Regularly playing Happy Hardcore, Drum n’ Bass, Breaks, Trap, and Hip Hop sounds at raves, conventions, house parties, and festivals all over New York, as well as traveling for shows in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Colorado.

The D aims to share the hardcore sound with the masses, but in an un-apologetically-nonsense fashion, that skews the lines between genres and demographics while shaking the dance floor to its core. Affiliations: 303 Family, BadWolf Productions, Phantom Industries, Army of Bass




     Otashi idols & Zaka Idols ft chibi idols






 Dashboard Comics 


 THE CONTENDERS, a Shonen inspired Battle Webcomic

Imagine Pokémon, mixed with Yu-Gi-Oh, sautéed with action scenes ripped straight from Dragon Ball & peppered with giant robots! Best of all, this action salad is free of arbitrary friendship speeches, free of shoe-horned in plots to save the world cuz we can't trust the audience's span, free of fight scenes that rely on last minute power-ups, and an ensemble cast that actually does something instead of standing on the sidelines pretending to be relevant.

Clark, Carolina & Javier are 3 friends who just want to get better at their favorite hobby, playing Mech Wars, a futuristic toyline+ARG experience where you control miniature robots with your mind and do combat with each ther. However, there's 3 of them, and only one can be champion. Will the competition bring them closer, or tear them apart? Can they even beat the scrubby next-door-neighbor who relies on jank strats? Will Javier ever stop making excuses about why he sucks??


AniBash's  COSPLAY Cafè

Saturday August 24th 

2:00pm - 3:30pm




  * Megann

* Kiba





The Duchy of Syrindale

 Welcome to Syrindale, our Rochester Amtgard park We play at Genesee Valley Park on Sundays. Field starts at 1pm. The park is located off Moore rd if coming from scottsville rd. The Back entrance is off East River on Hawthorne/Moore. Feel free to come by and visit! For your first time nothing is needed but you and good shoes to play in. We will make sure to post every Sunday where we are at park in case we have to move. We try to meet at the giant circle pavilion off Moore rd Check out for more info Check out our instagram Like our page