so yeah AniBash!! 11th year!

Day1 Saturday Aug 24th 10:30am to 8:00pm

Day2 Sunday Aug 25th 10:30am to 8:00pm 

it is Free to come to, we do have food, artist alley, raffles and auctions tho

Staff will be at the food area If you need any thing or have a question or Problem come and Find one of us!!
Sign Up for events will also be by the food Area 

any one not fallowing the rules will be asked to leave and or forced to by the police if need be we are a fun event and haven't had any serious issues so far lets keep it that way. and if things go well we can have it again next year.


1) fallow the park rules

2) no hitting fighting hurting

3)CLEAN UP YOUR MESSS!!!! can not stress that enough, only reason they let up keep doing this is
because were not too messy about it so if you see trash please throw it away!!!! be respectful to 

people and have fun...

4) Parking!!try not to crap up the park, if you need to park in the other parking lots like the one 
before the zoo and the zoo parking lot do not park on the grass areas we get yelled at 

also park off the street so your not blocking traffic!!

5) no Campers!! at all ever I got such a lecture for that..... this isn't a camping trip 

no need for that..... 

6) car pool if your able please so we lessen the parking issue all together !! 

7)no real swords blades or guns fallow NY state law

8) its a family friendly event be respectful of that !!

9)Also please don't come early to AniBash this year I do appreciate forcing those who do to Work as slave labor to set stuff up but all in all you're taking up staff parking and we need to be able to set 
stuff up and get things ready it starts at 10:30 not 8 lols... events don't start till 11 

their is no lines so 

no need to come way early!!!!