AniBash 2022

By Attending you Agree To Follow the Following: 

General rules:(any Violation will result in expulsion from the event and possibly more.)

1) All Park and State Rules Apply!

2) No Violence will be Tolerated! 

3) Keep The Park Clean!!

4) Any Photos of/at the Event can Be used for Promotion By the Event 

5) You Must Follow Staff Instruction and Park Ranger Instruction.

6) Do not Block the Streets! Emergency vehicles must not be impeded

AniBash and its Staff are not Responsible for: (but we will try and help to out best ability)
1) loss of Property (if we find stuff after the event you can contact us at
2) Medical Issues  (we will have Basic First Aid at the grill Area/ask a Staff Member we can Call an Ambulance)
3) Personal Issues With others (please keep drama out of the event, we will tell each of you to separate or leave.)
4) Transportation (You must leave the Park By Closing Time! we Try and Stay Till Every One is Gone But We have A lot of stuff to do.
5) General Health (We try to be Clean/Healthy Environment, but if you get Sick/Hurt or come Sick/Hurt it will not be our fault, keep yourself safe.)
6) How you Spend (If you Buy or Donate any Money and end up wanting to Go Back on your Perches/Donation their is a No Refunds Policy *Unless other wise Stated)

AniBash is a Group Picnic and not a Profit Business, as such any Money made is counted as a Donation to pay for this years and next Years event.

COVID Special Rules:

1) Keep Face Covered!  at all times except eating in designated Areas.

2) Try to keep a Distance From People! especially in Lines or Gathered Around Events.

3) If you Are Sick Don't Come! ( events will be Streamed Online as Best as we Can)

4) Wash your Hands and Use the Hand Sanitizers/Wipes  Provided or your Own.